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Bad Vibes Anyone??

Total Abuse "Looking For Love" is now available in the webstore. 3 new tracks, plus a cover version of "Saturday Night At The Bookstore" by The Dicks. Expect the 7" version from Deranged Records in the near future.

The long awaited Captive LP is now in production, as is expected to be in hand very soon. New tracks have been added, and it will surely not disappoint.

I am currently in the process of setting up a curated storefront, cataloguing new and used books, zines, music, and clothing, as well as doubling as a performance space and art gallery. There are still so many details to be worked out in this but this project will see the light of day, later than sooner.

Upcoming works:

-Captive LP
-Austin Durant
-Ryan Martin

And much more.